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Book 2 - Destiny for Disciples - (A New Look at the Book of Revelation)

The disciple of Jesus Christ needs to know something of the Church’s destiny. The book of Revelation provides a guide map for the disciple. There are some hard times coming. How do we prepare for them? The Lord gave us a preparation manual so that we will not crash and burn in the critical end times.

We are offering the options of downloading the book in its entirety, or chapter by chapter.  Dial up users may want to download chapter by chapter.  To download directly into Acrobat left click item(s) below as normal. Please be patient and wait for the downloads to complete before browsing in Acrobat, otherwise errors may occur. If you would like to download file(s) directly to a hard drive or folder right click and select save as.

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Download Entire Book 2 (4.5MB)

Table of Contents - Intro

Chapter 1      Chapter 2       Chapter 3       Chapter 4      Chapter 5     Chapter 6

Chapter 7       Chapter 8       Chapter 9       Chapter 10    Chapter 11   Chapter 12

Answer Key     Glossary

Download Abridged Version (1.45MB) - maintains the overall theme and message but does eliminate some discussion that took place in the original class.