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Book 9 - Deception for Disciples - (A New Look at Philosophical Systems)

We must go through some pains here to discover this linkage of theology and philosophy so that you can begin to be the watchmen on the wall that you need to be. If you are not the watchman, who is going to watch out for the sheep? You watchmen are their last line of defense.

In order to distinguish between God’s philosophy and vain philosophies, we must study both. If we continue to neglect the effort of study, we will continue to be vulnerable to Satan’s deceptions. Those deceptions have been very effective. How do I know? Look at the mess that the world is in. America is on the path of destruction. Our so-called “brilliant” politicians are nothing but foolish blind guides leading a blind citizenry over the edge of the cliff. But folks, that blindness can be removed by studying this course on philosophy of religion.

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Table of Contents - Intro

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