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(For CD Burning and Sharing)

FREE INTERACTIVE Courses Download Link

Above is the link for downloading our interactive courses to your computer.  After downloading, they can be run directly on your computer.  You can also then put them on a CD for safekeeping and for duplication.

These CD courses provide an animated menu that accesses all the materials and books for each particular course. If your purpose is to provide a FREE education for disciples, you may make as many copies as you desire. This also helps in that each student in your class does not have to download the course(s) from this website.

After clicking the link below, you may select ALL Courses as one collective download or the individual courses by name.  The files are in .zip format and will require unzipping once they have been downloaded to your computer. If you are on a slow speed Internet connection and the download takes too much time, try asking a friend who is on a high speed connection to download and put the courses on a CD for you.

If you cannot manage a download of these CD courses, we will mail you an actual CD. Our resources are very limited. So, we must plead with you to ask for one of these mailings only if you cannot download the CD in digital form and either store it on your computer or burn it onto your own CD. If all your efforts fail, then we will burn one and mail it to you for free. Just email us at and give us your name and address.